20 Free Girly Style Textures by Easybrandz

20 Girly Style Textures

Prettify your creative projects with a collection of beautiful girly style textures with an irresistible hue of colors, shades and finishes. You’ll find glitter gold, pink and blue in paper or fabric finishes as well as beautiful watercolors, marbles, fuschia tones, rough surfaces, bronzes, grainy gray and black textures. Add a touch of luxury to your design with marbles, gold glitter and black granules.

20 Girly Style Samples Textures Feminine by Easybrandz

Use the textures in your brand, add something special into your logo or create metallic texts to decorate your posts and quotes for social networks like Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. Apply on your blog or on the blog design of your clients. Create corporate identities, online store graphics, web design, e-books, invitations and stationery like business cards or any other printed piece you can imagine! Take your design work to the next level and create stunning and bright pieces!

Girly Style Feminine Samples Examples Textures by Easybrandz