About Us

Easybrandz was created for providing premium pre-designed branding resources and graphic solutions easy to edit for designers, business owners, desktop publishers, printers, marketing professionals, students, etc. We strive to make each product to the highest quality standards.

The History

Easybrandz began an informal conversation with fellow designers in mid-2007, when we discussed the need to create a graphic design agency in Brazil that works 100% via internet. At that time we created the name and put the project on paper. Over the years the project has been shelved, until in 2012, I decided to use the brand to create a store in an Australian online market that sells its products to all the world. With the success of the brand, I expanded the business to other markets, so in 2017 I decided to create this exclusive store. The idea is to get to know my customers better and offer them products that are increasingly geared to their needs.